Carpet cleaning service

Service overview

Carpets makes your homes beautiful and cozy. Over a period, carpets tend to absorbs dusts, allergens and germs and this can create bad odours and can cause allergies to people.

By providing regular care and cleaning the carpets eliminate the unhealthy bacteria and reduces common allergies caused.

Our carpet cleaning service ensures your carpets are free from dusts, germs, moulds and stains and helps in restoring the natural and clean appearance of the carpet. 

Read more about the carpet cleaning service in our blog. 

Normally it takes 2-4 hours to clean the carpet depends on its condition.
According to the industry experts, it is good clean the carpets every 3-6 months. If you have pets, children or someone with allergies, regular cleaning can help the look and feel as well as eliminated the allergens and gems.
We always use branded products that are safe and environment friendly.  
Used them for Deep Cleaning and Upholstery cleaning. Done a very good work and am quite happy and satisfied with what they've done. Certainly recommend them for similar work.
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