Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services


We provide cleaning services to commercial establishments and offices. Whether it is a one time cleaning request or a recurring cleaning service, we provide staff to clean your office.

Our office cleaning services ensures quality cleaning service and reducing the burden of finding your own resources.

We train our resources to address the specific needs of your office environment before starting the work at your business.

Our commercial cleaning services can be done for offices, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, banks, churches, schools and government  establishments.

 – High Access Area – Ceiling fans, Light & Fixtures , Ac dusting and cleaning
– Walls – Cobweb removal, cleaning of Doors and Glass Partition
– Windows – Grills ,windowsills and window glass cleaning
– Workstations –Dusting and Cleaning of Computers, Telephone and other equipment
– Floors – Vacuuming and Mopping of floors and skirting
– Upholstery – Vacuum cleaning of Sofas ,Carpets and Curtains
– Furniture – Dusting and wiping
– Toilets –Complete Cleaning
– Pantry – Cleaning of couter tops and appliance


In order to provide assurance in the way we work and  the quality, we can start our service as a one time engagement and if you are satisfied we can work on a contract where we can provide the cleaning staff for your business on daily basis.

If you are looking for periodic cleaning service other than daily basis, we can provide that also.

Based on the agreement, we can provide the cleaning team at your office, similar to your own staff following the office timings and rules. 

In order to ensures quality service and products that are safe as well as environment-friendly we provide the cleaning material.

But if you have specific requirements, we can discuss and accommodate it.