NRI Home Cleaning and Maintenance Services

NRI Home Cleaning and Maintenance Services


Maintenance and up keeping of the house is challenging for owners who are in distance and stay at their home occasionally.

With the warm days, rainy seasons and  humid conditions, it is important to do the regular maintenance of the house to keep the the rooms clean, especially areas like kitchen and bathrooms.

Furniture needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid dust accumulation and mould forming.

It is also important to check and maintain the water connections, electrical fittings such as lights, fans, ACs, microwave, fridge, cooking range, ovens etc. to ensure that all the equipment are working properly. 

In order to see that your home is cleaned and maintained regularly, we help you with the following services.

  • Do monthly cleaning as well as maintenance of the house.
  •  Check the general condition of the house, equipment & furniture and report back with pictures.If there is a need to fix anything, after getting the approval on the work, we fix it for you .
  • if you are coming home for vacation, we keep the home clean and fresh when you arrive at your home.
  •  Manage your utility bills and pay them on time for you


Based on the size of the house and y0ur needs we can provide customised solutions from every month cleaning to once in four months. If you have lot of items, well equipped kitchen/bathrooms and electrical equipments, we recommend once in a month cleaning and maintenance to keep you beloved home in a really good condition.  

We can help you with the repair of your house. During the cleaning and maintenance we check the house for any need for repair and report it to you. If there is need, we will inform the details and provide you with effort and cost estimate, after your approval we will do the repair.

If you have someone nearby, you can ask them to inspect the home after the cleaning. If you would like us to send the pictures of the house after the cleaning we can do that also.