06 Apr

Deep Cleaning Services in Kochi

Deep Cleaning Service in Cochin

In Mop and Clean, when we do a follow up survey with our customers about our cleaning services, of one of the services stands is the home deep cleaning service. The main reason for this is the benefits deep cleaning brings to the household. Here are some of the benefits as a customer you can experience when you opt for our deep cleaning services in Kochi.  

  • Even though most of us do a regular cleaning including sweeping and moping of the floor of our houses, some of the areas are often ignored because of the inaccessibility and lack of the correct equipment. With a deep cleaning service, in addition to the regular areas that are visible, every nook and corner of the house will get a thorough cleaning.
  • The cleaning of the house is done by environment friendly chemicals without polluting the environment.
  • The time you dedicated for your cleaning could be saved and it can be used for other activities while the professions taking care of your cleaning.
  • After a deep cleaning of your house, the subsequent self-cleaning will become much easier for you and save a lot of time.
  • Deep cleaning will give you a possibility to de-clutter your home and make your environment clean and prevent the dust to accumulate in the cluttered areas.
  • After the deep cleaning of your house, you are going to feel a positive vibe and less stress because of the freshly cleaned house and the relaxed environment.  
25 Mar

Time for vacation house cleaning

Vacation House Cleaning

The vacation time is near and everyone needs a great and clean environment to enjoy the vacation time without stressing and worrying about the cleaning go the house. We at mop and clean cleaning services, take pride in providing quality cleaning services and helping you to take away the burden and stress about the cleaning and enjoy your long awaited vacation time. 

Our services include House cleaning service, Sofa cleaning service, Carpet cleaning service, Move-in/Move-out cleaning, disinfection services NRI cleaning services, Monthly cleaning and Office cleaning.

Please call us at +918129888988 or visit this page to get an estimate for your house cleaning.

03 Mar

House cleaning service

House Cleaning Service in Cochin

We know that it is tough with all the things going around. But we are here to serve you and provide a quality cleaning and we always takes pride in doing a quality job that gives our customers satisfaction and value for money.

In addition to the regular house cleaning service, we undertake periodical cleaning, sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning and special service that is aimed at NRIs. Our NRI services helps your valuable home in Cochin is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.Get in touch with us for more details. Call us on +91 8129 888 988 or visit us at https://mopandclean.com

06 Jul

NRI house cleaning and maintenance service

NRI house cleaning and maintenance
Are you abroad and looking for maintaining your house ? Have a look at our NRI House CLeaning and Maintenance Service

We have developed the NRI house cleaning and maintenance service based on own experience in maintaining homes in Kerala while being abroad. After spending our hard earned money in building our dream home in Kerala, often it is really difficult to maintain it based on personal relationships.

Having a professional service company who can maintain quality and provides accountability to take care of the house will make life easier for everyone.

With the current climate conditions with the warmth, humidity and heavy rains, within few months itself the house needs attention and regular cleaning and maintenance becomes a must.

Common issues that are found includes
• Issues with the electrical equipment because of the non-usage
• Plumbing issues as the system is not getting used
• Dust, germs and pests getting accumulated within the house without proper cleaning
• Degradation in the looks of chrome sanitary wares as well as kitchen equipment because of the lack of cleaning and usage

“Really appreciate the quality, regular communication and updates you provide. For us, living abroad, it is a great service.” – Mini Hariharan

We have created the NRI house cleaning and maintenance service keeping these crucial cleaning challenges in mind and the key goals are

  • Do regular cleaning of the house and provide update to the owner including pictures or videos if necessary
  • Ensure that the appliances, electrical fittings, furnitures and other items in the house are maintained
  • Look for maintenance issues and prevent before it further escalates e.g. need for painting, plumbing issues, electrical issues and general up-keeping issues
  • Provide greater care for kitchens and bathrooms and ensure that the fittings are cleaned and shined
  • As an additional service, help with managing the utility bills of the house when you are away
  • When the time for you to arrive, keep the house in a ready to occupy stage few days before your arrival so that your precious holiday time is not getting wasted running after the fixes and maintenance of the house

Read more about our NRI home cleaning and maintenance service here

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