House keeping services in Cochin
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House keeping services in Cochin

After taking care of your job, children, pet and a busy social life,  house keeping on a regular basis becomes difficult for many of the home owners. Without the regular up-keeping of the house, over a period your home will start fall into disarray. The interior of the house, especially the hallways, floors and bedrooms collect dust particles that needs to be addressed. Marks  and stains starts appearing on the toilet bowls, tubs, showers  and other accessories needs to be cleaned in order to avoid permeant markings. Kitchen area often collects oil and grime and the microwave and oven will accumulate food particles that needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Ensuring that the cleaning of these areas are done on a regular basis, it takes a significant amount of your schedule. Mop and Clean offers flexible house keeping services that can address the regular maintenance and allow you to free up your time for a quality life and well spent time with your family and friends.

Our House Keeping services address the following ares of your house

General cleaning for all areas – this includes our staff sweep, mop and vacuum all the floors. Clean the window frames, doors, lamp shades, switched and other miscellaneous items.

Kitchen area –  We specially take care of  the kitchen in order to clear all the grease , dirt and other particles that are accumulated over a period. Also the team will clean and sanitise the oven and hood surfaces,  exterior and interior of the cabinets, kitchen appliances and the counter tops.

Bathrooms –  We clear the stains created by the soap, tooth paste and thoroughly clean the toilets, tubs, sinks and the shower cubicle/area.

Bedroom and Living areas . We provide a through cleaning of the bedrooms and living areas, especially the nook and corners where often the dust and particles accumulate over period.  The floors, carpets, cupboards and other furnitures on these rooms are thoroughly cleaned.

The scheduling of the house keeping can be arranged based on your need, If you are living abroad and prefer to have a periodic cleaning and maintenance, you can utilize our NRI Home Cleaning and Maintenance Services.

NRI house cleaning and maintenance service
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NRI house cleaning and maintenance service

Are you abroad and looking for maintaining your house ? Have a look at our NRI House CLeaning and Maintenance Service

We have developed the NRI house cleaning and maintenance service based on own experience in maintaining homes in Kerala while being abroad. After spending our hard earned money in building our dream home in Kerala, often it is really difficult to maintain it based on personal relationships. 

Having a professional service company who can maintain quality and provides accountability to take care of the house will make life easier for everyone.

With the current climate conditions with the warmth, humidity and heavy rains, within few months itself the house needs attention and regular cleaning and maintenance becomes a must.

Common issues that are found includes
• Issues with the electrical equipment because of the non-usage
• Plumbing issues as the system is not getting used
• Dust, germs and pests getting accumulated within the house without proper cleaning
• Degradation in the looks of chrome sanitary wares as well as kitchen equipment because of the lack of cleaning and usage

Thanks, Mop & Clean, for taking care of the cleaning of our house. Really appreciate the quality, regular communication and updates you provide. For us, living abroad, it is a great service.Mini Hariharan

We have created the NRI house cleaning and maintenance service keeping these crucial cleaning challenges in mind and the key goals are

  • Do regular cleaning of the house and provide update to the owner including pictures or videos if necessary
  • Ensure that the appliances, electrical fittings, furnitures and other items in the house are maintained
  • Look for maintenance issues and prevent before it further escalates e.g. need for painting, plumbing issues, electrical issues and general up-keeping issues
  • Provide greater care for kitchens and bathrooms and ensure that the fittings are cleaned and shined
  • As an additional service, help with managing the utility bills of the house when you are away
  • When the time for you to arrive, keep the house in a ready to occupy stage few days before your arrival so that your precious holiday time is not getting wasted running after the fixes and maintenance of the house

Read more about our NRI home cleaning and maintenance service here

If you would like to know more about the services feel free to contact us.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Cochin
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Carpet Cleaning Service in Cochin

Carpet cleaning service in Cochin

We have recently started the carpet cleaning service in Cochin!

Our carpet cleaning services ensures your carpets are free from dust, germs and stains. In addition to improving the aesthetic and look of your rooms and a cleaned carpet will help in reducing the allergies especially if anyone in the family is suffering from Asthma.

Main advantages of the carpet cleaning are

  • A clean home environment especially if you have kids or pets
  • Removal of dust and germs from the carpet means less allergies
  • Removal of stains restores the original look of the carpet
  • Long sustainability for the carpets
  • Removal of odours
  • A pleasant living environment
If you would like to more about our carpet cleaning service, please feel free to get in touch with us.
Sofa Cleaning Service in Cochin
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Sofa Cleaning Service in Cochin

Launched the sofa cleaning service in Cochin!

We have currently expanded our cleaning services to sofa cleaning and provide sofa cleaning service in Cochin.

In order to have a cleaned home environment, in addition to the regular cleaning of the house it is important to clean and maintain your upholstery too. Whether it is the sofa or the suede chairs around the dining table, proper care and maintenance is necessary.

Here are the key reasons you need to do the sofa cleaning

Often your home furnitures doesn’t come cheep and mostly the investment is done considering  long term usage of the sofa. So it is important to take good care of it in order to extend its shelf life. In addition this will ensure that your sofa looks fresh and pristine.

Clean air
It is important to have clean air within the house without having any odours or dust particles. Upholsteries easily absorbs odours very easily from pets, our own body odours, sweat, spilled food or drink etc. The odours can be caused by the  bacterias too.  It is important to address this immediately and get help in cleaning it at the earliest to remove the unpleasant odours permanently.

We spend a good time when at home on the sofa whether to watch the TV , talking or just hanging out.  over a period the material will absorb lot of dust particles, bacteria, allergens, dirt and mold. The only way to keep all these at bay is by regular and proper cleaning of you upholstery. Not doing the cleaning could cause health issues such as asthma, dust allergies etc.

As a conclusion, even though you do regular cleaning, it is important to consult professionals who clean the sofas and other upholsteries properly with the right cleaning material and equipment that are specifically made for this type cleaning.

If would like to know more about the sofa cleaning, please get in touch with us.